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Collecting Weather Data from all over the World! 2013

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Our Year 7 classes (in Sydney, Australia) are tackling the topic of Climate using a problem-based learning approach. Our 'problem'? "On the basis of weather, where in the world is the best place to live?"

We are looking for students from anywhere in the world (or Australia) to take part in a collaborative experiment. Can you collect weather data (e.g. temperature, rainfall, and anything else you can measure yourself) for 3 weeks in Apr/May, Jul/Aug or Oct/November 2013? Then we would love to hear from you!

We would like to collect the data (via Google Docs) and Skype/blog/email each other so that we can learn how weather affects daily life in your community. Then we'll analyse, graph and present results. Find a more detailed explanation here:

You can sign up at the link above so I can email instructions to you.
We really look forward to learning with you!

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H. W. Chen said on the 30 Oct 11:21
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Hello, there:

I’m Hsu-Wan Chen from Taiwan, a graduate school student at National Taiwan Normal University. Currently I’m writing my master thesis which is entitled Applying Social Networking Sites to Teaching and Learning: from Teachers’ Perspective. Right now I’m looking for school teachers to be interviewed with their experiences of using social networking sites for educational purpose. If it is so, I would like to have a skype interview with you. Surely I will send you the interview protocol in advance and the interview will take about 20 minutes. Please feel free to contact me at: I really appreciate for your help!

Hsu-Wan Chen

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Mrs. Trudeau said on the 11 Jul 15:46
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This project is a fabulous idea. I would love to have a group of my student participate in the October/November time frame.

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