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I would like to improve my students communication skills and prepare them for job interviews. I would like to collaborate with another classroom to do so. I envision each classroom teacher teaching their students about interviews and preparing them for one. Once they are prepared, I would like a student in one classroom to interview an assigned student in another classroom via Skype with prepared questions. After the interview the student will evaluate them using an agreed upon checklist checklist and then reverse the interviewee and interviewer. The interviewer will then give the interviewee feedback by providing them with the checklist and possibly review it with them on Skype. This process might be repeated (based upon the project experience) to work on improvements.

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Dr. Career said on the 04 Oct 21:20
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Hi there,
I can share How-to Cover Letter and Resume Writing

Avatar of Mr Ramshaw
Mr Ramshaw said on the 18 Jun 11:49
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Im teaching an english unit to 16-17 year olds about writing cover letters and applying for jobs. keen to set something up? (time difference might be a factor though) :)

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