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Do your students have lunch at school or at home?
We are wondering where other students around the world have lunch and what they eat.
Learning about each other's culture opens our students' horizons.
Send us photos of your students lunchbox or home-made lunch,
along with a few words about eating habits,popular dishes, favourite food in the country where you live.
You can get an idea of the project at

We'd love to hear from you.
Effie Kyrikakis

Greek Lunchboxes (well, not quite!) on PhotoPeach

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WinnersEducation said on the 14 Feb 11:08
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Dear PialiGanguly, AVIDQMS and Ms.Scott,
Isn't it amazing how technology can unite people from all over the world?
It would be great if you took photos or created a video with your staple dishes at school or at home and post it here along with some comments. We can also skype to discuss food.

Looking forward,

Effie Kyrikakis (Winners Education)

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WinnersEducation said on the 11 Dec 13:22
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Hello Brenda, Mrs Gillis and MWhyte,
Welcome to our wonderful global family!
Would you like to share some photos of your classes lunch here?

Looking forward to connecting
Effie Kyrikakis

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