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2015-05-14 17:34:00 UTC

Star-crossed Middle Eastern actors used Skype for a one-of-a-kind performance of Romeo and Juliet!

Mixing traditional theater with modern technology, an innovative version of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” performed by Syrian teenagers offered a unique twist on the classic love story, with Skype at its center.

Although the war physically separated them, a group of young Syrian actors didn’t let it stand in their way. Four teenagers at a recovery center in Amman, Jordan, performed alongside actors living under siege in Homs, Syria. The action unfolded at the same time in each city, where a screen that faced the stage connected the actors and audiences via Skype!

The play inspired all who were involved and allowed the war-torn community to use art and technology as creative outlets. Learn moreabout this unique stage experience here.

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2015-04-27 22:06:00 UTC

TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie Shares Career Advice with Students via Skype!

How do business and giving go hand in hand? TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie sat down with students at TED 2015 via Skype to share his wisdom and business philosophy. His goal: to inspire the next generation of givers and social entrepreneurs to find their passion and give back. Help your students to make a difference in the world - check out Blake’s advice now!

Skype’s partnership with TOMS has made it easy to bring the spirit of learning and giving right to your classroom! There are two ways you can get involved:

  1. Join the conversation and tell us how you inspire the next generation of global citizens using #SkypeTOMSNextGen.

  2. Use Skype in the Classroom to connect your students with TOMS Giving Partners around the world. Learn more here!

2015-03-20 23:48:00 UTC

Skype Partners with TOMS to Inspire the Next Gen at TED 2015!

This week, Skype in the Classroom traveled to Vancouver to take part in TED2015! It was a fantastic experience filled with some of the world’s top visionaries sharing their ideas and innovative thinking. From surf photographer Chris Burkard to groundbreaking DJ Mark Ronson, there was no shortage of fascinating guest speakers discussing their unique experiences and insights. For Skype in the Classroom, the most exciting development was the unveiling of our new partnership with TOMS. The goal: to inspire the next generation of givers and social entrepreneurs!

It’s easy to get involved! Simply add “TOMSInspiresNextGen” to your Skype contact list and tell us how you are encouraging your students to change the world. Then visit to hear some of the most thought-provoking talks at TED2015 and access exciting new lessons to motivate your class into action!

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2015-03-12 00:45:00 UTC

Inspire Literacy One Block at a Time With MinecraftEdu!

Do your students love Minecraft? Bring their enthusiasm for this groundbreaking game into the classroom via Skype with MinecraftEdu! A school-ready remix of the original game, MinecraftEdu offers additional features that make it more useful – and appropriate – for an educational setting. Over 4,500 teachers in 40+ countries have used it to teach all kinds of subjects, from STEM to languages, history and art!

Now, as part of the Skype Inspires Literacy campaign, we are partnering with MinecraftEdu to deliver literacy-based lessons around the world. Check out our list of opportunities and watch your students’ imaginations and literacy skills soar! Check to see availability on each lesson page as we expect sessions to fill up quickly!​

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2015-03-02 16:34:00 UTC

Turn Your Classroom Into a Publishing House!

Now your students can become bona fide authors with the brand new Chekhov Story Author Tool. This unique, kid-friendly e-book creator, available through Skype in the Classroom, sparks creativity and teaches collaboration skills. Your class can brainstorm story topics and then establish teams of writers, image makers and readers, who will record their voices. The finished project is just the beginning! Set up calls with other classrooms to share your work of art, create virtual pen pals and exchange ideas for future stories.

Ready to create your first e-book? Click here to learn more.

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2015-03-02 16:28:00 UTC

Skype Inspires Literacy with a Little Help from Some Friends

The world is full of stories...which ones have your students heard? In an effort to bring literacy fueled lessons to classrooms all over the globe, Skype in the Classroom has teamed up with a bevy of partners all with unique tales to tell.

These include SANCCOB, Penguin Young Readers and Lion Aid, among many others – inspiring students to go beyond the four walls of their classrooms to gain a deeper understanding of literacy. The options are endless: enjoy a read aloud session with a South African penguin or heroic fire safety dog, bring stories to life through The Very Hungry Caterpillar yoga class, solve magical mysteries with the Night Zookeeper, or learn how to write poems, science nonfiction or fantasy novels with real authors.

These lessons are easily accessed and arranged through theSkype in the Classroom site, but be sure to act fast! Spots go quickly! To get your class involved,choose from the many literacy lessons available here.

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2015-02-27 22:45:00 UTC

Are Your Students Ready to Answer The Big Question?

How do you spark your class’ curiosity? As part of our Skype Inspires Literacy program, we are partnering with School in the Cloud to bring students an exciting new initiative designed to inspire creativity and collaboration.

The Big Question challenges students to investigate some of today’s most thought-provoking topics – from “what life looks like on Mars” to “what would happen if computers suddenly disappeared”. Every day a new question will be posed to challenge your big thinkers. Then students can search for their answers and your class can return with a point of view. The questions aren’t easy, but they inspire critical thinking, expand perceptions and might even spark a bit of debate!

Think your class has all the answers? View the first video from Sugata Mitra here and join the fun!

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2015-02-26 22:28:00 UTC

Talk to the Storytellers and Bring Literacy to Life

Whether your students can’t get enough of their favorite books or have trouble putting pencil to paper, a visit from an author, illustrator or publisher is sure to engage and inspire.

Skype in the Classroom just unveiled a brand new Literacy Guest Speaker tool that brings over 120+ storytellers to your fingertips. Literacy lessons have never been this fun or easy to arrange! Find dozens of options for your class based on your time zone, age group and daily schedule. Then you can select the perfect professional to help spark conversation and creativity. It’s the perfect way to celebrate World Read Aloud Day on March 4th, or get students excited about reading and writing any day of the year.

Television producers, picture book illustrators, historians, poets, and more are all waiting to stimulate the minds of your students! Learn more, and discover the perfect storyteller to bring into your classroom here.

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2015-02-24 20:19:00 UTC

Skype & O, The Oprah Magazine Want Students to “Just Say Hello” and Combat Loneliness!

Did you know that at least one in five people suffer from loneliness? O, The Oprah Magazine and Skype in the Classroom have teamed up to launch the Just Say Hello Ambassador Project, a new program with a clear mission: help tweens and teens feel more included and be more inclusive. In today’s world, where bullying is more widespread, it’s even easier for students to feel left out and disconnected…and this can have dire consequences.

But technology can be the solution! Through the new Just Say Hello project, youth ambassadors and their teachers are creating clubs and activities that inspire fellow students to reach out to a classmate or school across the globe! Ready to get involved? Learn what other students are doing and how you can encourage friendship and kindness in your classroom.

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2015-01-24 02:31:00 UTC

Skype explores the nature of project-based learning

It’s one thing to observe nature on a screen. It’s another to be right in the middle of the action! In conjunction with UK teaching school Broadclyst Primary, Microsoft is launching an innovative new project-based learning toolkit leveraging BBC Earth Films’ Enchanted Kingdom, the most ambitious 3D nature film ever made. The rich curriculum will challenge students by encouraging them to explore their world and solve problems in creative and collaborative ways.

Skype in the Classroom will host a collection of Enchanted Kingdom lessons, ranging from humanities to sciences and coding. In addition, teachers can post their own lessons and connect with other schools across the UK and internationally. Bringing the excitement further to life, BBC filmmakers will also be available as guest speakers in classrooms via Skype.

Ready for your next adventure? Experience the magic of Enchanted Kingdom now!

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