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2014-04-15 12:35:00 UTC

Mystery Skype takes students' achievements to the next level!

When teacher Genia Connell introduced Mystery Skype to her 3rd grade class at Leonard Elementary School, Michigan, she had no idea of the impact that this would have! Discover how Genia transformed her classroom via this extraordinary game in her Scholastic blog.

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2014-04-11 14:00:00 UTC

From Skype in the classroom pen pals to international friendships!

The world has become a very small place for the students of Washington Elementary School! When the San Jose school created a 'China Club', it started as monthly Skype calls to their partner classroom in China. The China Club soon became an invaluable way for the students to share their different cultures, history and most importantly their friendship. This cultural exchange was then taken to the next level when Microsoft YouthSpark awarded Washington Elementary School the funds to send three of their students to China to meet their Skype pen pals in person!

Watch the video to hear Principal Maria Evans describe the incredible impact that Skype has had upon her school.

Want to find out more? Discover how Microsoft YouthSpark Hub can inspire your students and transform your classroom here!

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2014-04-04 12:47:00 UTC

Skype rewards students for their heroic efforts!

The release of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier has spread excitement across the world. Nowhere has this excitement been felt more than by the students of George Street Middle School in New Brunswick (Canada) and by Kasiita Ben, a 10-year-old Ugandan orphan who is cared for by our partner CHAT to the Future. In recognition of their heroic efforts to raise funds for CHAT to the Future, the Canadian students were chosen by Skype to attend a very special premier of the exciting new film. It was during this premier that Skype made an incredible announcement.

Ben, who had overcome a difficult background to become an exemplary student at the CHAT to the Future's Ugandan orphanage, would be awarded with a life-changing full scholarship to Makere University!

Read the entire inspirational story at the Skype Social Good blog.

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2014-04-03 13:28:00 UTC

South African penguins visit a British classroom via Skype!

When teacher Dan Mount signed up to Skype in the classroom, he had no idea his decision would lead to a special call between his students at Egglescliffe Primary School (UK) and a group of South African penguins! This magical visit occurred when Dan used Skype to call The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB). Part of our month long Exploring Oceans conference, this wonderful event was just one of the many inspirational Skype calls that took place between classrooms and marine experts all over the world!

Watch the video above and read the Skype Social Good blog to discover the whole incredible story.

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2014-03-25 14:19:00 UTC

Skype supports students in their incredible quest to help others!

Skype in the classroom have inspired students to help their global neighbours in an extraordinary way! 6th graders at Covington School, MI, have spent the last year raising the $12,000 needed to purchase tractors and water pumps for a village in Zambia. These incredible efforts were then matched by a $10,000 donation from Microsoft and Skype, which was announced whilst the students watched a live feed of WE Day celebrations in Seattle. The students now have enough money to be able to accomplish their dream of buying two tractors for their Zambian friends! Read the whole remarkable story here.

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2014-03-13 14:40:00 UTC

Skype in the classroom teacher wins 'Teacher of the Week' award!

The Skype in the classroom team would like to congratulate one of our incredible teachers. Beverly Ladd of Pine Valley Elementary, NC, has been named WWAY3 News Channel's 'Teacher of the Week'! Beverly caught the attention of the local news channel through her passionate determination to bring the wider world into her classroom via Skype. She has so far used Skype to introduce her 2nd grade students to classes and cultures from all around the world, including Africa, Spain and Sweden! Well done Mrs Ladd's class!

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2014-03-11 10:20:00 UTC

Skype in the classroom and CHAT to the Future create international friendships!

Ugandan and Canadian children do not share the same borders. Yet this did not stop teacher Adam McKim, via his charity CHAT to the Future, or Skype from bringing children from these nations together in the same classroom! Saint Anselm Catholic Elementary school in Toronto and Sir Charles Tupper Elementary School in Nova Scotia each used Skype to share their music and their friendship with their new 'neighbors' in Uganda. You can discover the entire inspirational story on the Skype Social Good blog!

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2014-03-10 14:40:00 UTC

From the classroom to the School in the Cloud!

The team behind Skype in the classroom have partnered with Sugata Mitra (Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University, UK) and his team to co-design the School in the Cloud! Core to Sugata’s vision is self-organized learning, an approach whereby children take on big questions and go on their own intellectual journeys to discover the answers via the Internet and Skype. Read more about this extraordinary leap into the future of learning on the Skype Social Good blog.

To find out more about how you can join Sugata's experiment in self-organized learning, visit the School in the Cloud.

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2014-03-06 15:03:00 UTC

Skype celebrates International Women's Day!

Skype in the classroom is lucky enough to have a community full of incredible educators! With International Women's Day fast approaching on the 8th of March, we wanted to take this opportunity to honor some of the women who are making a heroic contribution to our global classroom. Heather Heenehan, Sarah Weldon and Jennifer Reiter are three such educators who have used Skype in developing innovative ways of inspiring students with a passion for science, technology, engineering and math- commonly known as 'STEM'! You can discover their amazing stories on the Skype Social Good blog.

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2014-03-05 14:27:00 UTC

Skype ignites a passion for reading in the classroom!

Today is World Read Aloud Day! Skype in the classroom is thrilled to be celebrating this special day with our wonderful partner LitWorld. It is our joint mission to bring the joy of reading to as many students as possible by enabling meetings between published authors and classrooms, all over the world! You can discover more about how Skype is being used to inspire a passion for reading and creating stories in the latest Skype Social Good blog.

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Would you like an author or guest speaker to inspire your students? You can find someone amazing here.

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