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Avatar of Tina Tangalakis

Talk to Della Founder, Tina Tangalakis

Success-icon Skype lesson from our partner Della

Tina is the Founder and Creative Director at Della, a fashion line that employs women in Ghana. Tina will discuss how she started the business and share stories of successes, and...

Avatar of Mark Wood

Big Question Challenge

Success-icon Skype lesson from our partner School in the Cloud

"WHY EXPLORE?" - SCROLL DOWN TO SEE TODAY'S BIG QUESTION, BY MARK WOOD. As part of our Skype Inspires Literacy program, we're challenging students to answer a Big Question. Big...


Guest speakers in Computer Science

Skype lesson from our partner Microsoft

At Microsoft, we have smart, passionate and engaging tech industry professionals who would love to talk to your class about their jobs. Whether it’s career education or just understanding...

Avatar of Margarita Franco

Explore El Salvador

Success-icon Skype lesson from our partner Save the Children

This lesson introduces students to what life is like for children who live in El Salvador, the smallest but most densely populated country in Central America. It will include an overview...