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Avatar of Kenneth C Davis

Big Question Challenge

Success-icon Skype lesson from our partner School in the Cloud

"WHY DO WE HAVE POLITICAL PARTIES" - SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THIS WEEK'S BIG QUESTION, BY KENNETH C DAVIES. Big Questions don’t have an easy answer - they are often open and difficult, they...


Guest speakers in Computer Science

Skype lesson from our partner Microsoft

At Microsoft, we have smart, passionate and engaging tech industry professionals who would love to talk to your class about their jobs. Whether it’s career education or just understanding...


TOEFL Crash Course

NewSkype lesson in Languages

The course is designed for anyone who is planning to take TOEFL iBT. The course gives you exactly what you need to prepare for the internet-based test. If you successfully complete the...

Avatar of Abbie Hine

Lets see who lives in the sea!

Success-icon Skype lesson from our partner WiseOceans

A visual look at the variety of creatures who lives in our oceans. As we flick through a selection of photos highlighting some of the incredible diversity we have in our oceans the...