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Take a look at our 'How To' videos, and if you’re not sure about anything, look for the answer in our FAQs below.

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Frequently asked questions

  • I'm not getting the sign-ups and responses that I wanted for my project.

    Skype in the Classroom has been set up to allow other teachers to find you, but that doesn't mean that you can't go to find them. In the past teachers have run searches for similar projects on the site, or spread the word of their own projects through blogs, twitter and forums to help improve traffic.

  • How can I get more people to look at my project?

    Teachers have found that advertising their projects outside of Skype in the Classroom has helped to bring in more interested and engaged teachers. Using twitter, blogs and Facebook are some great ways to enable this.

  • My educational authority doesn't support the IT required; webcams/smartboards/projectors.

    Getting the permission and the technology required to bring Skype into you classroom can be a difficult act. We really respect the teachers pushing through barriers to make sure that their students get to enjoy Skype in the Classroom too. If you are having trouble convincing an educational authority to allow you access, show them some of our video clips, our testimonials and case studies. Alternatively, they can send any queries to education@skype.net

  • I'm not sure where to find teachers who would be interested in joining my project.

    We have thousands of projects online, many of them looking for other classes to connect with. Within Projects, you can tailor a project search through keywords, categories, language and age of students, helping you to find the ideal partner classroom for you.

  • I'm looking for a guest speaker quickly.

    There are thousands of teachers and projects on the site already. The best way to get the response you are looking for is to make your search as specific as possible. Expect to wait a day or so to receive a response from the teacher you have contacted.

  • I need help/support quickly.

    The best way to get in touch with our support team quickly is through Twitter. You can find us on @skypeclassroom alternatively, you can send us an email at education@skype.net (please allow up to 1 working day for a response.)

  • I need a class in a specific country/ who speak a certain language.

    When searching for a project or teacher, you can select a country, language and age of students to search from. You can customise your search to suit your needs.

  • I don't have a Skype account, can I join Skype in the Classroom?

    You can view the projects on the site without signing in, but in order to comment, show interest in joining a project or to create your own you will need to join. This includes creating a Skype username and password (you'll be re-directed to the main Skype site to do so.)

  • Can I use my personal Skype account?

    Yes, you can join with whichever Skype account you want. The only time that your Skype username is visible to any other teacher is when you send a direct message to them, organising your connection.

  • Once a teacher has registered interest with me, how do we organise the Skype call?

    You can tailor how you want to call to be organised. One option is to send messages to each other through the Skype in the Classroom site. You can also arrange a trial Skype call or use external communication channels; for example email, facebook or twitter. In the past, teachers have used different combinations.

    It really depends on what you are comfortable with, and what makes the most sense for you.

  • I've taken part in an amazing learning experience. How can I share it with others?

    Excellent news! We love hearing how people are using Skype in the Classroom, and the adventures they are taking part in. If you have created videos, blog posts or photographs we would really enjoy seeing them and sharing them with the rest of our followers. You can send links to us through twitter or Facebook.

  • I want to cancel or extend a project.

    When logged in, you can choose to edit your project. Here, you can adapt the end date of the project; to end it now, choose todays date, to end it later, extend the end date into the future.

  • Another teacher has a similar project to me.

    View this as an opportunity to connect and collaborate - we certainly do! get in touch and see if you can work your projects together, or take turns to lead a discussion on the angle of your project.

  • What do you mean by resource?

    A resource is anything which may be of use to other teachers. A project pack, a collection of advice for new teachers, a set of links for a particular subject. These are for teachers and from teachers, designed to enable teacher-teacher sharing.

  • How can I schedule a time for my lesson?

    Once you have created your lesson, you can schedule a time for it to take place. Clicking 'Schedule lesson' on your lesson page allows you to add more time slots, or to see who wants to take part. You'll then need to enter the date and time of your lesson. You can add as many time slots as you want with the 'Add time slot' button.

    After adding some time slots, other classes will be able to select which time is most convenient for them.

  • How do I know which time slots people can take part in?

    When people have said they want to take part in your lesson you should receive an email summarising the times they are available. You can also use the 'Schedule lesson' on your lesson page to see a full list. When you've decided who you want to connect with at a particular time, you can click 'Confirm' and this will send a message letting them know. You should also connect on Skype to plan your lesson in more detail.

  • The lesson I want to take part in doesn't have any scheduled times, how do I know when it will happen?

    If the person running the lesson you're interested in hasn't scheduled any times for it, then they are probably open to working out a time that works for both of you. It can be a good idea to send them a message letting them know what times would work for you and why you'd like to connect with them.

  • I have been confirmed for a time slot that I can no longer make, what should I do?

    If you can no longer make an agreed lesson time, then you can let the lesson owner know by visiting the lesson page and clicking 'I can no longer make it'. You can use these options at any time to update your availability for the lesson, or to select new time slots that have just been added.