Cultural exchange

Share your country’s cultural practices and give your students a glimpse into the lives of their global peers. Skype allows your class to swap first-hand stories on how people really live.

Skype lessons


Global Lunch(boxes)

Skype lesson in Culture with WinnersEducation

Do your students have lunch at school or at home? We are wondering where other students around the world have lunch and what they eat. Learning about each other's culture opens our...


Food around the World

Skype lesson in Languages with Michelle Worgan

With my 6-7 year old learners, we are looking at Healthy Eating as our theme. We are currently looking at what we eat for different meals and are interested in what children from other...



Skype lesson in Food & nutrition with kzimbo

We are looking for classes from other countries (preferably asian schools, but happy to be in contact with any!) to learn about food in different countries and cultures. We want to know...


we would like to be your friend

Skype lesson in Culture with sibel

My students are very interested in sharing their ideas about any subject, and also eager to learn different cultures. T . I think having skype friends will maximize their use of English...


Let's come together

Skype lesson in Languages with Mr.Ramazan Güzel

I am an English Language teacher in secondary school in Turkey. My students' age range is between 11-14 years old. I would like share my lessons online with other schools. We can focus...