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Skype Guide-How do I get started?

Skype lesson in Technology

Typically, the first question I always receive is, "How did you get your students ready for a Skype call?" In this Skype Guide Session, I will answer and discuss questions you may have...


3D Printing Textiles

Skype lesson from our partner Black Country Atelier

This one hour 3d printing lesson has been specifically designed to engage with students and schools interested in fashion design and technology. We, BCA will walk you through a...


Learn PHP quickly

NewSkype lesson in Technology

I would love to teach php to anyone interested. I am not an instructor by trade however I have been developing web applications for 15 years, with php specifically for the last 10...


Future Classroom

Skype lesson in Technology

This is a classroom with intense use of educatinal technology supporting inquire-bases learning methodology. Students come to this room to integrate knowledge adquired from diferente...